Sorry it’s been awhile!

January 30, 2013 at 5:58 pm (Random Blabbering) (, , )

I know I haven’t been posting or active in the community and I have a very good reason so please bare with me.  I have recently learned something about myself that has always been there but was a late in life diagnosis.  I have Narcolepsy.  Due to this rare condition I have been having issues keeping up with commitments in the past and probably will for a bit in the future until I get used to dealing with the scheduling and meds that will undoubtedly become my life, along with managing my already hectic life.  I have been playing Sims here and there and have been throwing the idea around of doing either a legacy or one of those 100 baby challenges but I am really not one to do story telling.  Although I thought maybe one that was close to what I was dealing with might be a bit therapeutic as well, lol.  Sims do tend to get tired easily enough so it wouldn’t be a far stretch!  Well with this new found information I hope to balance my life more now knowing where the exhaustion comes from and being able to recognize the tell-tale signs my body is throwing out!  So I hope to have some new projects up soon.  If anyone has any questions just message me and hopefully I will be able to answer them as I am just learning about this all myself.  If anyone reading this has any experience with this message me as well as I would love to hear your input!  Thanks for reading and hope to have some new stuff out very soon! 


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